ALCI students get involved…in BIG Ways!

Over the past couple months, a record 45 ALCI students participated in a CSUSM campus leadership initiative known as Tukwut Leadership Circle (TLC). This program is founded on the ideal that university success is important both inside and outside of the classroom. Through this program, students attended 7 Leadership Workshops, volunteered for 7 hours of Civic Engagement, and dedicated a minimum of 7 hours to Campus Involvement. Additionally, other program requirements included setting SMART goals, engaging with a Peer Leader, refining their resume, writing a reflection paper, and participating in a panel exit interview.

With those numbers, we are proud to report ALCI students are responsible for giving over 315 hours to the community and over 630 hours to campus initiatives–a huge impact! One project that benefited from the dedication of ALCI students was the M:POWR Mural Project at Mountain Shadows (pictured below). Through projects like the one, ALCI students were working to make a change in the community, but they began to recognize change in themselves as they learned about Servant Leadership.

With TLC graduation right around the corner, we are extremely proud of the students for their time, dedication, and energy that they devoted to Tukwut Leadership Circle and we hope it is an experience they can take with them when they return home to their respective countries of China, France, Germany, India, Morocco, Panama, & South Korea.